Vrabcová-Nývltová after the European Championship in Amsterdam: I enjoy athletic life

The whole career has froze on the northern plains. Eva Vrabcová-Nývltová was the last year in support of a cross-country skiing team, but at the weekend of the European Championship in Amsterdam, Eva Vrabcová-Nývltová took another step in her athletic career with the eighth place in the half marathon. “I consider it a huge experience in Rio,” says Vrabcová-Nývltová.

“It’s fantastic, it’s different, I’m starting to enjoy life.”

I made the receivers at the University of Ústí, I got a schedule of classes, so I looked at it and said: Here I am in Dachstein, here I am in the north, here I am here, I do not go to school so why do I go at all?And then I said that I could actually do it, so I enjoy my life with everything and suddenly I have a lot of time. I will have time to go to the cinema, training my fights, my husband helps. I’m planning to start some work, those plans are power, and running makes sense of everything. “

Is the end of the ski career?
” Never say never, I do not think about it and I enjoy the athletic life, Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home, maybe in winter at the ball, it’s my dream. “

Is it true that you are releasing the closest skiing season? >
“I will not go this year.Maybe I can go some Czech race, but I’m definitely not going to do it. “

In the semi-marathon at the European Championship in Amsterdam, you yourself appreciated that you missed an acceleration in the end ?
“This is also the runway run. It is a question of addressing Jarmila (Kratochvílová) or someone from athletic trainers, because I do not have experience in this, it’s a lot about studying…”

How do you like the athletic atmosphere versus skiing Races?
“It’s not comparable, so I’m so excited. Run Czech is a level up, but people are fantastic, it does not feel like skiing. Holmenkollen or Falun are also great, but they are mainly cheering the northern states.Here is the atmosphere in the Czech team quite somewhere else and I am so happy that I can be here. “

The sports director of the association Tomáš Janků with the director Tomáš Dvořák even helped you with a refreshment… >
“They are fantastic, the atmosphere unprecedented. Every day, I enjoy it here. We’re talking, we have internal humor…”

What’s waiting for you in Rio?
” We’re dressing up at the Olympic Games, Partly as Run Runner in Lierce and then I go to Livigno to prepare for Rio. Then we go home for four days, one race for ten kilometers, then Rio. “