VIDEO Bystrica again shot the New Lock of the Eighth. 100% home and Nitra

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – Banská Bystrica also succeeded in the second homecoming of the quarter-final play-off of the Ice Hockey Tipsport League 2016/2017, when after the 8: 2 triumph of the day, it beat New Locks Friday 8: 0 and in the series of fights to four victories lead 2: 0 to the matches.

– Jordan Hickmott and Ty Wishart (both Banská Bystrica) rejoice at the goal of “alt =” In the picture from the left Jordan Hickmott and Ty Wishart (both Banská Bystrica) rejoice from the goal “height =” 86 “/> HK Nitra - HK Poprad  Marek Tvrdoň
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    The home favorite started the second quarter quarter final even better than the day before.In the first third, he cast out of the table all doubts as to whether the ‘barans’ would repeat the cannon. It was only 81 seconds for Kubka to open a score from blue in a typical way. The guests again did not catch Bacashihu in the chances, they were burned by the Kytnár in the power play and Hudec just after it and the opponent did not take the ball for a moment. In the 16th minute, the countdown with Truhn for Kafka came out with another goal. It was not a minute to go, and Raw, after throwing the puck away, took a corner and at the impossibility of a corner, the defending player added a third goal. An unpleasant moment he tried to solve the time of coach Mikeš and in the break he had to say to the player, but his advice was only effective until 23.min

    The defenders did not defeat Rurou, who repelled the puck easily into the net. Ranu tried to attenuate at least one goal, in a weakening, Kuckin even skated himself on Bacashihuu, but did not succeed. A few seconds later, the home team showed the chance to change, first Hickmott used the shot accurately from Rosandič and 22 seconds later added the sixth goal close Matoušek. The number of strikes was increased especially in the game just before the second break, and Bacashihu was busy.

    In the third third, N. Zámky came in with a substitute goalkeeper, in 46.min could be able to make a defeat in honor after a separate ride by Dubeca, and as he did not, the goal fell, as is often the case, on the other. Skalicky in the 46th minute scoring managed to raise Higgs in a vacant goal, in the 59th he added another in the Hickmott lead and even more satisfied with the hunger of the spectators.

    Banská Bystrica: () Lundström (41. Ján Chovan) – Sandgren, Drtina, Kafka, T. Zigo, Truchno – Handzus, Higgs, Skalicky – Lamper, WITH. Novotny, Denis Rehak, Makovsky, P. Maier, Dominik Rehak, J. Tibensky – M. Paulovič, Kytnar, Saarinen – Kučkin, M. Hudec, Hujsa – McParland, J.

    Hockey players Nitra at home beat the players Poprad 3: 0 on Friday’s second round of the quarter-finals playoff of the Slovak league Tipsport 2016/2017 and in the series of fights for four victories lead 2: 0 to Matches. The winning goal was scored in the second third by Radoslav Macík. Marek Slovák added 56 points to Marek Tvrdoň and the final result of the result was put into the empty goal. The third match of the series is on the program on Monday 20th March in Poprad ice.

    Nitra: Hartzell – Ordzovsky, Milam, Mezei, Rais, M. Versteeg , Meland, Korim, Pupak – Blackwater, Marek Slovák, Cope – Kutálek, Krištof, H. Ručkay – M.Tvrdoň, Šille, Macik – Bajtek, L. Paukovcek, J. Štefanka
    Poprad: Fokin (40. Šúrek) – Guľajev, Š. Fabian, Dinda, R. Suchy, Davydov, Lubor Pokovich, Ibragimov, A. Jezek – Strakuch, Zagrapan, Lichanec – Matus Palocko, Troliga, Krotak – Abramov, Murcek, D. Bondra – Svitana, Mlynarovich, L. Hvila