Twenty on MS? Another loss changed mood, threatening to move to Toronto

DIRECT FROM CANADA By losing to Denmark with a prolonged leap, the Czechs have lost the heavily acquired position and self-confidence gained in the initial battle against Finland. But with a five-point gain she has already slipped into sports bets the quarterfinals, and Sweden’s 3: 1 night’s victory has helped her over the goldsmiths who are still at frost after four games. That set of coach James Petra still has hope. New Year’s Eve duel with Tre Kronor, but now he’s confident he will not go into the play off, and he will hit one of the three of Canada, the USA, Russia. Unfortunately, we did not manage two extensions , Which is a terrible shame, “reminded goalkeeper Daniel Vladař and the previous Czech defeat with the Swiss.The silver medalist of the 18th World Championship in 2014 is on the third 20th, but in the match with Denmark, he got his first match at this tournament. His 1997 year is good for junior performances.

“We have the last chance for a joint success. And I think we would deserve it. I am convinced that we have the strength. There’s a good bunch of boys here. We are just waiting for our well-being to begin to trust, to gain more certainty, “added the Lord.

The mood suddenly changed. It was like doing a lot of work for a long time and pressing delete. Or the file disappears somewhere, not on the computer at one time.The trustees of Jakub Petra’s coach were in a tight situation in group A.

“We did not deserve the three points for the course of the game. We started on schedule, but from the second third the opponent was better and better, “the coach of the Czech republic admitted after defeating Denmark.

” You need to bounce back against such teams at the beginning.

Then you get peace. The boys began to do naive things with the dwindling time, and it was difficult after the settlement. On the Danes, a higher level of confidence was seen, “added Peter.

Canada will be playing in Montreal

” Maybe we’ve got a bit of a lull over Finns, which is a huge shame.The tournament was well developed, “he saddened after the defeat with Dány captain and the shooter of the second Czech goal, Filip Hronek. “Where we had to make points, we lost them there, it’s just bad. We were to learn from their match with Finland, “added David Kashe.

Now the third place with five points belongs to Czechs. After another three-point win of the Swedes, the winner of the group is decided, Tre kronor has nine points and no one can catch up.

Meanwhile, Canada announced that the quarterfinals will play in Montreal. As the organizer of the tournament, he is entitled to such a choice. This means that if the Czech Twenty will end up in the second or third place, it will have to take a quarterfinal trip to Toronto.

And that’s another complication.Two years ago, she moved from second position to third Slovaks from Toronto to Montreal. And finally, the quarterfinals did not.

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