The draw is ultimately fair, Hipp said

Celebrities draw in the 3rd round of the first league in Jihlava 1: 1. The home team sent Latvia’s Davis Ikaunieks to the lead in the 7th minute, with Gino van Kessel set in the 51st minute. Ten minutes later the guest Jiří Bílek did not change the penalty. The Red Bulls are still waiting for the first league win in the season and the table with two points of ten. The Vysočina is with the same profit on the 13th place.

Before the sold Jihlava stadium, the home team came home better and in the seventh minute they took advantage of the loss of the visiting Souce in the middle of the pitch. After Rabusic’s center on the right side, the ball crossed Batioju to Ikauniekse, which burned Pavlenka.The Jihlava striker continued his lead in the opening round against Pilsen.

“We did not start out badly, but our opponent punished us from our rocks, and we were surprised at the first half. Such as the Soucek made Deli today, and I believe that a mistake like the Vysocina goal will no longer be done by the players, “said Slavic coach Dušan Uhrin Jr.

Slavia made several changes before the game. Frydrych joined Frydrych for a longer period of time, then played defensive Ngadeu in reserve. The Red Bulls did not know for a long time the advice with a thickened Jihlava defense and they did not have much chance in the first half.

Shortly after the break, however, the Praguers were compared. Hanuš’s 51st.But it was short on Van Kessel’s stop. Domestically, they complained to the offenders.

“At the intermission we warned that there might be more pressure from the guests, which was unfortunate, but we did not regret the balloon in the second half” Jihlava coach Michal Hipp, who used to play in Slavia in the past.

After an hour, Jílek ordered a severe penalty for Škoda, but the visiting captain Bílek did not turn the score because his shot from the penalty kick to the stick set off the former Goalkeeper Hanuš.

“There were three players on the penalty and we will not discuss it in the cabin.Jirka Bílek is now down, but we have to encourage him because he plays well and we need him, “Uhrin said.

Four hours before the end, Vysočina could send its second goal in the game again Ikaunieks, but at the last minute Bielek kicked the ball at the limit of the small lime.

The guests were better at the end, pushing for the winning goal, but they did not even reach for Van Kessela, who hit the stick. As well as last time with Zlin, the first round in Brno did not play because of the flooded terrain. On Slavia on Thursday, the opening home match of the European League against Anderlecht Brussels is going on.

This season, I saw all her matches.The draw is ultimately fair, “Hipp said.