Slavia goes into Croatian Alvir. Succeeded in Slovenia, he tried it in athletics

In Slavia Alvira sees great prospects. “It is a great talent, which we have long and carefully watched. We believe that our team will strengthen you and show you what’s in it,” said Krob.

Also, the Croatian midfielder for a transfer to Eden to be very keen. “I think for me it’s a big step. I was very interested about the functioning of the club, made a big impression on me, I know the local league. I watched the last five or six matches, “said the Croatian midfielder after signing the contract.

Slavia coming up in order to succeed not only in the domestic competition. “The first goal is to win the league and the second core group of the Champions League or the Europa League at least. This is my dream since the time when I started playing football, “he said after signing a three-year contract.

Alvir started with a football in his hometown of Zagreb, where nastoupoval NK Dinamo and, from the autumn of 2013 at nineteen he left to try his luck in the third team of the Madrid athletics. “It was a positive experience. He’ll demands, which have the highest level abroad, “he told the club’s website. The Spanish football obviously looks up, his favorite club is FC Barcelona, ​​and pattern its director Iniesta. Last summer, however, departed from Madrid and appeared in Domžale.

“He can cover a large part of the course. His career braked a little bit, but we believe it will get back into form, “he had said the club’s sporting director Matej Orazi. “I came to take a step forward. For me it is a great stepping stone, I’ll be much more visible big clubs, “he planned a Alvir.

In the third Slovenian team league, which was his teammate striker Elvis Bratanović known from playing in Teplice and Bohemians, paid the young man with the number 77 on his back as a valid player on the defensive and offensive. In the current season he had played eight goals.