Sevilla brought to the triumph a man whose lanterns were big clubs

BRATISLAVA. Even in the twenties he sat on the bus as an assistant driver, in the Colombian village of Puerto Colombia. “I Came from a poor family and I needed money urgently. I sold tickets. At that time it no one would believe that we shall live in football, “said Carlos Bacca.

Sevilla on Wednesday in the final of the Europa League in Warsaw defeated Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 3: 2 and dominate Europa League for the second time behind. A man of the match was just Bacca. Colombian gave the winning goal and before he could shoot another one.

Three years ago paid for him Bruges Colombian Atletico Junior of about 1.5 million euros. It was a good deal.A year later he was top scorer of the Belgian league, when in Bruges scored 25 goals. A Sevilla redeemed him for seven million euros. And since then the price has risen again – about three times.

“We knew it excellent. Nevertheless we did in the second and third you could see that did not stop.

Our defenders did not manage to cover it, “admitted coach Miron Dnipra Markevič.Continued article belongs to premium content You too you can be a subscriber annual subscription € 29 Order Save up to € 17.80, compared with a monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Order Save € 1.80, compared with a monthly subscription Monthly subscription from 0.98 € 0.98 € Order Price valid for new subscribers the first month. Other months are for a price of € 3.90.