Olomouc started with a replacement for Hubner and agreed with Ordoš

In Latvian Latvian football representative Renars Rode did not do the impression in two months after arriving. The engagement of the 24-year-old hitchhiker has shrunk to just a few junior games, and then coach Ščasný has said goodbye. “We have agreed that if he wants to stay in the game, it will be better and more convenient for him to play regularly,” he explained. “I expected him more. “Two years later: the same defender in Olomouc has to replace the support of Romana Hubník, who has returned from hosting the championship in Pilsen. On Monday, Rode reported to Andro’s stadium at the start of the winter training and after a health check he signed the contract until the end of the season with the option.The last 188 centimeters high bek worked in the Skonto Riga club.

“Rode played for Latvia as well as a Euro qualifier, he should have quality, but you know how it is: I watched players whose performances were excellent and then it happens that it will not succeed, but I believe this boy, “said Ladislav Minář, sports director of Sigma. “We have studied his performance against Slovakia, played a very good match. We will conclude the treaty with him, and then, as a result, we will extend. But he is not a test rider, “he is convinced of his qualities.

Olomouc is not allowed to burn with Rod as Teplice, two years ago, fighting for a leftist league life. It was wintering for the penultimate, a hell of a spring.And he will begin with a home rescue duel with Bohemia in which he will miss her best-rated player; Sergeant Radakovich, Sergeant Sergeant.

Rode is about to close a hole in the defensive with the experienced Rajnoc. Václav Jílek will also prepare a chance for the young stoper Štěrbov, who, together with goalkeepers Spurny, midfielder Ševčík and attacker Yunis, pulled out of the B-team. “I saw Rode in four games and I was impressed with the quality and the solution of the situations we had in the many stunts I saw.We needed to solve this position after Hubner’s departure, “he admired Jilek. “We believe it was a good move.”

Jílek also believes that the test will be successful for a tested midfielder – either Croatian Dejan Polic from Slovenian Zavrče or Abdel Fardi Zato-Aro from Togo who worked in Iceland in Keflavík.


Jílka was relieved that Sigma agreed to extend the contract by the end of the season with offensive support Michal Ordoš. But it was a drama.Earlier in the morning before the first training in the new year, Minar reported: “We have given contract to Ordzhim, but at this stage, our notions of financial enjoyment are diametrically different. But we will have a session on it, so I believe that either positive or negative will be closed. We will try to find a compromise not to catch up. “

Ordo then followed the Minar into the office and, after a while, was a compromise in the world. “I’m glad that it is,” Jílek sighed.

On the other hand, the attacker Vaclav Vasicek can leave the team, who in the autumn, despite the cannon sticker, gave a single goal. Interest in Dukla Praha. “The preparation started with us, it’s a question of clubs.We were talking that at the moment we had a similar typology of toy players, as a coach I would love if Venca was there, but it is necessary to say that the autumn was not really good and some oxygen could help him, so I would not fundamentally oppose, “Jílek wondered.

He is asking for a quicker type of point attack. Sigma stood for Ondraška, but he would only work in the Czech Republic in Sparta, Pilsen or Slavia. Slavia has already won Olomouc with a talented attacker, Linhart, who could come to Hana if he did not hit stacked in the winter.