McCarvill is a gem

Kosice. The procedure of Group C of the European league basketball players is not for our master lost. Košice hopes revived American Janel McCarvillová. Whenever the team needed to Gdynia, and took Košice led to a second victory in the competition.

At the end of the meeting Kosite 2013 Polish Lotos Gdynia (79:77) audience stood and applauded enthusiastically chanted. Košičanka managed to finish the dramatic and important meetings of the 5th round Euroleague excellent.Psychological advantage was on the side of the opponent, home at the last minute just doťahovali, but in the jersey Kosite 2013 úradovala toy that is the jewel of Košice.

Janel McCarvillová before the week just before the fight with Valenciennes hurt. Wednesday’s start over it hung a huge question mark.

“It’s one hundred percent right, but you see, really wants to play, help the team,” there was talk in the corridors of the club just before the fight with lotus. And despite the injuries she joined American. With self-denial, without training, but with determination.

“Maybe a week break has helped. It’s Mrs. player. With it we meet with French Valenciennes could not play.And if we now have to account three victories, it would be even merrier, “said coach Vladimír Karnay Kosite 2013.

American legionárka occurred 38 minutes and 31 seconds, once it withdrew coach, and only a moment to stuffy. At times he had had enough. But she fought like a lioness, and when it was the worst, took the initiative in their hands. Seventy-four seconds before the end settled for 77:77 and five seconds before the buzzer shot a winning basket.Janel is the victory contributed 28 points and 13 doskočenými balls.

American in kicking Chamique Holdsclawová is the star of the high range, Olympic winner WNBA took place in 237 matches, but it was overshadowed McCarvillová of each page. Support for the Polish club has given over 38 minutes 18 points, had eight doskočených balls, but the decisive try in the last minute from turning.

“The match was the best on the field McCarvillová,” admitted the narrow defeat disappointed coach Gdynia Roman Skrzecz.

Captain Kosite 2013 Ivana Jalčová, author of 14 points for the teammates saying. “We really appreciate that she joined Janel. Surely he went through the pain, but really wanted to help.The fact that she was playing was a psychological thrill for us. “

In the middle of Košice, they sprinkled the chances with live water. The club’s general manager, Daniel Jendrichovsky, knows that McCarvill is irreplaceable. “If we want to play with the top European teams successfully, we have one big weapon and that’s McCarvill. Even the co-confidence of the team is different if they play, because others know that they can count on it, “Jendrichovsky said.

America’s pivot McCarvill shines happily in the middle. “I knew I had to play this match, even though I was risking a much bigger injury that would put me off for a very long time.If we in fact lost, progressive chance would be at the freezing point. So health I pushed the second track, “admitted American heroine meetings.

I knew that I have to play, despite the fact that I risked much greater injury. Health, I pushed on the second track. Janel McCarvillová basketball player mow Košice

1 Brno541413: Moskva541385 3469 2: 3489 3 Gdynia523376: Košice523335 3867 4: 3487 5 Valenciennes523323: 3717 6. Namur514355: 3886

1 . CSKA Moskva550456: 2 Riga532348 32010: 3398 3 Fenerbahce532379: Šoproň523379 4078 4: 3927 5 Neapol514355: 3896 6. Villeneuve514334: 4046

1 Jekaterinburg550390: 27910 2ndKraków532333: 3488 3. Salamanca523363: 3937 4. Bourges514322: 3246 5. Šibenik422280: 3026 6. USK Praha413256: 2985

1. Valencia440305: 2548 2. Pécs431268: 2787 3. Faenza523346: 3577 4. Mondeville514352: 3596 5. Dinamo Moskva422278: 2866 6. Vilnius413300: 3155 Four teams pass 4 teams from each group.