Jekel, a phenomenon in the gate Comets: It’s so nice when it’s not possible

“In the summer we heard that he says so, so that we use,” explains stew. Until Monday ONES knew only connoisseurs and fans of Major League Trebic, for which this year odchytal 23 matches. This week also added the first two Extraliga – Stephen jumped on as a substitute in Karlovy Vary, and when for nearly half of the match did not get a goal, he was sent to Brno coaches Wednesday against Litvinov in the “cage” from the outset.

Men with concrete and LAPACK are mostly known for their iron nerves, twenty one benjamínek but concealed that special occasion with him rattled. “The night before the match I was a little distressing, but a lot of guys have helped me in the cockpit, coaches, family and friends. Everyone told me, whether I do not think that’s extra league, but they love hockey, and let it go just enjoy it. ”

After the game, he beamed with enthusiasm, while it was not much to laugh not. “When I was the worst? Probably every second, “he told Jekel. “I was nervous until the 60th minute. Extra-league play before so many fans against the Premier League big difference. ”

The truth is that absolute sovereignty neoplýval. “He was uncertain, many pucks he fell out. We had him try to shoot more, “said Litvínov striker Robin Hanzl. A Jekel did not object. “I was a bit nervous, so it fell out of me a few times. But fortunately guys always cleared the corner or I’ll jump. ”

At key moments proved Brno rookie whip out the necessary procedures, 29 shots behind his back penetrated only. From the auditorium operated power play shot by Karel Pilar as nechytatelná, Jekel, however, had a different opinion. “I think it was a little bit my fault, I later moved. I hoped that it will give back in a shot from top of the circle, unfortunately there slapped the first. ”

At this point, the goalkeeper perhaps too self-critical. Coaches and teammates sang it anyway, only praise. “Hats off. We have tried to help him as much as possible and he held us a lot, “said stew. Thanks, however, flown also from the opposite side. “Buck played very well, they helped me, they jumped into shots and did everything a hundred percent. It is much appreciated “, he said gratefully Jekel.

If such a symbiosis continues, it could be blue and white machine to start winning again. “The chance I loved. I will try and continue to serve the best performance and carve out a place there, “said Jekel firmly.