Henin wants to win Wimbledon!

RUSEL – Former female world tennis player Belgian Justine Henin on Tuesday officially announced that after a 16-month break, return to the tournament carousel. She would like to endure it until the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

so far, you have not won.Spr & aacute; n va on its & aacute; return the incoming & aacute; dza only slightly more than t & eacute; Zdeno sensational triumph after her compatriot Kim Clijstersovej at the US Open in New York, which & aacute; Only Cr & CORPORATE Button before t & eacute; m vr & CORPORATE tila the court for more than two years Mo & CORPORATE VKE.

henin & aacute ;, KTOR & CORPORATE more than a year ago, she graduated from the school career, ru, m & aacute; now op & auml the motivation & aacute; ciu and power to fight for your & ocirc; smy grandslamov & yacute; title. “Tennis is already very cool,” said Justine, who is aaakute; its portable door, in its direct transmission in the broadcast;

Before joining the WTA circuit, e & scaron will take two exhibit & eacute; Results – the Belgian Charleroi in Dubai, United & yacute, chloro Arabian & yacute, chloro Emir & CORPORATE toch.

henin & CORPORATE to expand with the world of tennis 14.m & aacute; ja 2008 as first & aacute; a woman in the history of the world unit, and refused to accept any & quot; weight & quot; weight for a possible return.

Its personal & yacute; Carlos Rodriguez confirmed that Justine wants to win and win to win Wimbledon.

Heninov & aacute ;, who & aacute; (2003, 2005, 2006, 2007), dvakr & aacute, tv New York (2003, p. 2007) and once again in Melbourne at the Australian Open (2004).Twice & aacute; t triumphed also in & aacute; verečnom & scaron; ampion & aacute; te WTA Tour (2006, 2007) and in 2004 of & iacute; a rock gold in singles at the Olympic Games in At & eacute; nach.

unit of Dominika Cibulkov & aacute ;: “It’s a comeback and a scaron; and I’m leaving nothing to say nothing about Roland Garros’ s puzzles and a lot of scarons, which are the days and scarons; Mávej & scaron; ia. Of course, the surprise and uacute, ca. “

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When the & iacute; curry FLY hole is Justine Henin & CORPORATE given In November 2007, E & scaron was inaugurated in La Palais, France, in the Limelette and also in the field of tennis and entertainment, and the Sixth Sense for children under the auspices of the Sixth Sense. of the US Mission Hills office in Orlando, Florida, and she was also a Deputy UN Secretary-General of UNICEF.She has been engaged in missions to Congo and Cambodia and has dedicated herself to the vaccine & yacht program. She has also been reminded of the ” the character of the “Dozen & Uacute; loh for Justine” character broadcast by the RTBF station. In his rhythm, he has a memorable show of free in & scaron, a musical program by Rob Vanoudenhoven from the Canadian production of VRT, such as the “Vous permettez, Monsieur…” with the star of the 60s and 70s Salvatore Adam, trained with Anderlecht footballers of Brussels, was a member of the Armani Armani show, celebrated for celebrities or sat at a supermarket checkout.