Federer about Czechs: Drudge Novak, Berdych strong and demanding coach Seppl

When you play Roger Federer for the first time in Prague, left the Switzerland of the Davis Cup tournament against Tomas Berdych with Radek Stepanek defeated 2: 3rd Then began Czech memorable era in the battle for the salad bowl. Next year is the O2 Arena started its tradition and Laver Cup, which is the brainchild of Federer.

Prague return exactly ten years after the Davis Cup clash with the Czech team. What memories do you have for him?
“It was a battle. Unfortunately, we lost 2: 3rd I recall that we had match points in doubles. Had it turned, things might look different. I remember that I played well, too Berdych. Final match between Radek and Stan was exciting. The whole experience was great, I liked the court ruled great atmosphere. Prague is a beautiful course. Beautiful memories, except for the defeat, but I’m looking forward to getting back to Prague on Laver Cup. ”

The best Czech tennis players are experiencing career. One of them was or is your toughest opponent? For example, with Jiri Novak you have a slightly positive balance of 5: 4th
(laughs) “Oh, George, a great player. We met mainly in my early days. He was a tall guy, but played mostly from the baseline. If you were tall, usually you pounced on the net, but he avoided it. He had a great return, balanced shots from both sides and it was a hard worker. I remember a lot of our fights. Just a few days ago I played a montage of our match in Vienna, in 1999, he beat me in five sets at Wimbledon, where I got a wild card. He caught me and finals in Gstaad, where it was also for five sets. But if I say his greatest rival from the Czech Republic, I must mention Berdych. We played against each other many matches, he beat me in the US Open, Wimbledon and the Olympics in Athens, that is really the biggest events. That’s why I Thomas. ”

Czech track has your career from a different perspective. One of your first coach in Basel Old Boys club was Czech Adolf Kácovský nicknamed Seppl.
“Of course I remember him. It was one of the first coaches I’ve ever had. Its first private tennis lessons I took with Seppliho I spent with him on the court a lot of time, whether it was on clay courts in inflatable hall or outside the club. Sepplim it is not always easy, it was very demanding coach, but his approach was excellent, she went into everything with great energy. Even when I was ever really strict, never my tennis not disgust. I have always said that I was lucky to have great coaches and Seppl was one of them. ”

Swiss tennis influenced many emigrants from Czechoslovakia. What you do with them had experience?
“Yes, a lot of players came to us from your country, when she was in hard times. These people have had a significant impact on our sport. Hingis , my mistress, voice, and I probably have a few more forgotten. Benčičová have Slovak ancestry. They are all hard workers, they had to leave their homeland, took advantage of opportunities when they had to make a choice: It’s now or never! Everyone was very successful thanks to their hard work. ”