Czech handball players defeated six goals in the Christmas Cup of Iran

The Czechs start in Poland without Captain Filip Jícha, who is after the operation of the pubic bone, and some players from the German leagues, despite the 21st round of the January World Championship in Qatar. The Iranians only got to the lead in the lead 2: 1 and since then only the Czech team was ahead.

The players managed to attack and in the first half scored 21 goals. At the eighteenth minute they led an eight-goal difference, and the opponent took one goal in the half-time.

Also after the pause, the Czechs reigned at the start and in the 40th minute they increased to 28:19.But the defeated finalist from the recent Asian Olympic qualifier returned to the middle of the second half in the middle of the second half of the season and dropped to 27:30 before the end. But then Jack made two seven-meter throws behind and calmed down his team. Then he secured the Czech leadership with two more goals from the counter-attacks Hes and finally the representatives in the hall where the European championship will play in January were watching.

“Between the 40th and 50th minute we got goals from fast attacks . At that stage, we lost the balls at the front or we did not score goals.We ended the match but we know what we have to do, “said one of the two coaches Jan Filip.

Newcomer Jan Landu praised. “If we can get a little more out in the defense, it was probably Honza Land, who was probably the best on Wednesday. He was trying to organize the game, “said the coach.

Landa had a yellow card at the beginning. “The guys said I might be too aggressive and overheated. I wanted to play the match at 100 percent, the yellow card to defend the handball belongs. One has to respect, “Landa said. “I had good defenses, but also a lot of mistakes.I would add that it is an international handball, and even if it was just in quotes from Iran, it’s still somewhere else than I’m used to, “added Lovosic, the 29-year-old.

one of the last preparations before the January highlight of the first stage of the World Championship Qualification. In it the Czechs beat Belgium twice in the fall and on 13 and 16 January they are waiting for two duels with Turkey. In the June play-off to participate in the championship will only advance from the three-member group. Before the match with the Turks, the 4th and 5th January teams will take part in two preparation matches in Sweden.

“I think Turkey will be a different opponent than it was today. It has shown us other things today. We have scored 38 goals, which is good, and could have been over 40.What we are troubled again is defense, “Filip said. “Getting 32 goals against this opponent is very much and Martin Galia caught the first half of six balls. We’ll have to work hard on the defense. “