Comet chants rookie in the mask, Jekel helped the Brno awakening

Now he is in the middle of an unknown man became the chief architect of much-needed wake of Brno. Blue and White home, passed Litvínov 2: 1 and the main portion of praise pheasant harvested in the mask. “He was clutching fantastic hat down,” he doffed Brno defender Michal stew.

Comets from coaches it was a shocking move. Until now, the duo relied on goal Vejmelka Karel Marek Čiliak, but now bet on a completely trite face. Although Jekel on Monday jumped between the sticks as a substitute in Carlsbad, where he experienced his extra-league debut, but his start from the beginning astonished.
Miklík will play in Finland

Unexpected engagement found after his crash in Comet striker Michel Miklík. 34 year old Slovak heading to the Finnish group JYP Jyväskylä, with whom he signed a contract until the end of the season. Former representative arrived in Brno in late November from Kosice, played in six matches, however, it failed even one Canadian point and after less than a month with him Comet farewell.

“The kid even know,” he admitted Litvínov striker Robin Hanzl. But Comet had to deploy jednadvacetiletého youngster valid reasons. “Vejmelka Karel had a long series in the gate, and it was seen that there’s a lot at him, Marek Čiliak is back after injury. Pavel Jekel served very decent performances (major league) Trebic, so we decided for him, “said one of the coaches of Brno, Kamil Pokorny. “A premiere was acquitted himself well.”

But that was true for the entire team. Right in the 2nd minute with a handy flow hit Martin Dočekal, in the eighth showed brilliant penalty shot was healed genius Marek Kvapil and Comet since carefully nurtured his lead.

“The whole team worked so hard and it made him feel that he wants to atone for previous defeats. The guys played with unbelievable commitment, high-tempo and selflessly, “Pokorny appreciated.

Brno residents were able to break the rookie behind him as much help. And at the same time they demonstrated how they could emerge from a series of unconvincing performances – yesterday won only five of the last fifteen duels.

“Such a match we needed. We used to put five or more goals, but then had some games where we did not shoot them too. We knew that we have to win on fewer wickets, play well back and fight it, “he recounted stew. “This is a game we have to practice now because teams come to us very prepared and already we have read. We have to show the same fighting spirit as well as in other games and it will be good. ”

Befitting the blue and white will also be certainty in the crease. The last Jekel completely neoplýval, but with one exception all the chances Litvinov stopped. “When I was the worst? Probably every second, “said rookie goalie. “Fortunately, my guys helped a lot, blocked shots and I really appreciate it.”