Chance for Sáblíková! Russia has dopívala, Štovíček is preparing a lawsuit

A sports law expert Jan Šťovíček wants to get Martin Sáblíková’s seat in the Olympic time-out after Russe Olga Zabelinská, who was ruled out for the doping past. If he fails in the next few days, the lawsuit for a special panel of the International Sports Arbitration (CAS) meeting in Rio de Janeiro is scheduled for the weekend.

The double bronze medalist from London, Zabelinska, was to be one of the favorites of the race against the chronometer On the program on Wednesday, August 10th. But last week, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has confirmed a ban on the start of Russian riders who have been denying the use of illicit substances in the past.In accordance with the rule set by the International Olympic Committee.

“This situation plays the cards with Martin Sáblíková’s chances in Rio not only to start but also to succeed.In the first place, one place has now become vacant and UCI will be redistributed at the same time, while Martinova has lost one of the very best rivals, “Štiovíček told CTK.

Now he appeals to the UCI to make a vacancy in the starting “We repeatedly claim that the start of Martina would raise a tremendous prestige not only for women’s cycling and would be the best promotion for this sport as well as for olympics,” said Šťovíček.

“And Martina is ready, available on the spot in Rio and can get on immediately,” said Šťovíček that Sáblíková has been in the playground since the end of last week, with a faith in reversal throughout the case.

“For this very unexpected situation where, according to the newly established rules of the IOC, Russian athletes (with the doping history) can not start, there is no regulation that would regulate excessively Release loose places.The International Federation – in this case the UCI – can therefore proceed according to its own discretion “, stressed Šťovíček. He himself expects that Zabelinska will still address the CAS special panel, who started sitting in Rio ten days before At the beginning of a sporting holiday, it is made up of twelve referees from different parts of the world and has to promptly resolve all cases that arise. “The decision must always be issued within 24 hours.” Maybe this is happening at the moment, but I do not expect Zabelin The clear position of the IOC has succeeded, “said Šťovíček.

” So we wait for the UCI final position. And if Martin did not allocate a vacancy by the end of this week, we will file a lawsuit during the weekend.The final result of our fight will be announced by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Anyway, the chance to start Martina has increased, which confirms that it pays to fight until the last moment – as long as there is hope for success, “concluded Šťovíček. Sáblíková originally thought that the ninth place in the reduced order of timekeepers At the World Championships last year, it has secured the Olympic start, but it has been revealed to the Qualified Countries two months ago that the Czech Republic has not been able to get any place at all, and the Cyclist Association seems to have been working on a misinterpretation of the criteria. Sáblíková could start in Brazil.

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