Black plays only for the Ajax reserve. I do not have where to hurry, he says

Den Boschi was hat-tricked in August. Cool. But in the second Dutch league. There is drowned Václav Černý’s talent in autumn. In Ajax, Amsterdam is not one of the new coach Peter Bozz. Under his predecessor Franco de Boer, the Czech talent was much better. “We had a great relationship together,” the midfielder recounts from U21’s Moldovan qualifier tomorrow.

He plays regularly, even twice a week. For Jong Ajax, reserve of the famous club. At the end of last season, Vaclav Cerny made a couple of races in the first team and everyone he saw between the stars of the Dutch giant. However, the journey behind the dream was slowed. “I do not know where to hurry.I do not want to go anywhere, “the pugilist is still patient with Pribram.

What happened when you did not play in Ajax for the fall?
” Assembly. They see it in a different way and I play the second league for a babe. I’m trying to show him there. “

Did you feel that the arrival of a new coach would make your position worse?
” Not that. At the start of the preparation I was in the base line. Then I suddenly dropped out of it and left nothing but to fight. The coach said nothing would end for me, and there was no reason for me not to put me back on the set. When do I have it? “

What mode do you have?
” I’m training normally and I play bobs regularly.It’s about four players in 1997. The level of the second league is at our first level. If not higher. That’s positive for me. I play ninety minutes twice a week. It can be a good indicator for the coach and I could go back. So far, it’s working well. It fits me and the whole team. Although we can not move anywhere, in Ajax you have to always be the first to win. The results are what we want to win. What would we like to do as individuals in the first league if we did not want to win in the second ?! There are three to five thousand people in our games. In Bred, perhaps fifteen thousand. That’s fantastic. “

What is Bosz, who replaced Frank de Boer?
” It is difficult for me to evaluate. I had a great relationship with Frank de Boer.The new coach is in something different, some details are different. I just hope everything goes well and will bring Ajax to where he belongs. That’s the title. “

If your situation does not improve, will you deal with it?
” I’m still eighteen. I do not have where to hurry. When I show up to the coach, I can get back to that chance. Without any hasty decision, I would not have decided at the moment. I do not want to go somewhere for hosting. I will leave it like that.It’s all about me as I’m going to present. “

Losing the LM front was painful

How did they carry in the club unexpected decommissioning in front of the Champions League with Russian Rostov on Don?
“It was painful…We knew we were complicated by the fact that we did not win the title last season. Still, we were running on it, missing the last step. Rostov is uncomfortable, he will also bite an opponent in the Champions League group. He has already shown home with PSV Eindhoven (2: 2). It certainly is not the point to underestimate. “

Let’s get to the representation. On Friday, your last qualifying match against Moldova is waiting for you to win. What is your opponent?
“We introduced him on Wednesday morning. We know what to expect from him.This is an unpleasant opponent who will play the balls. The offensive has two clever boys. But I think we have such a good quality that if we do not subdue and we have a clear idea in our heads why we are here, we can do it. Our goal is to win. “

Although you miss Cap Ales Cermak and best shooter Patrik Schick?
” It is a fact that they played almost everything in the qualifying. But I think the guys can jump on others. We have compensation for them. I hope that Schicky will make a fortune and Alda will soon recover. “

Do you believe that Belgium will lose points in the last two games and you will only advance from the first place?
“I still believe it. We knew in advance that the match would be decisive in Belgium.It is a terrible pity that we did not reach the winning end. Everyone would see it as a deserved victory. Eventually we lost, but paradoxically it was one of our best performances. “

With Moldova you play in Znojmo. Have you ever been here?
“Never, it’s a new environment for me. But it’s nice here. I’ve seen the Znojmo stadium just out of the bus. “